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Washington State Uncontested Divorce Attorneys
Experienced WA State Uncontested Divorce Lawyers

There is a better way.  Let us help you find it.

We've taken the guesswork out of everything.
Put our uncontested divorce experience to work for you.

Over the years, we have worked hard at streamlining the uncontested divorce process in Washington State.  Your case begins with our Divorce Questionnaire, which guides you step by step through all of the information necessary in order to complete the paperwork filed with the Court.

Once we receive your questionnaire and any requested paperwork or documentation, one of our experienced uncontested divorce attorneys will review it.   We will then begin drafting your documents.  Once the first set of drafts are completed, we will set up a meeting to review them with you.

The first document filed in every Washington divorce is the Petition for Dissolution.  This document sets our various statutory requirements and the basic pleadings necessary in order to commence your divorce.  Your WA divorce CANNOT be finalized until 90 days after the Petition is filed.

After 90 days have lapsed, we then filed the Findings of Fact and the Final Decree.  If children are involved, we also file a Parenting Plan, an Order of Child Support and a set of Washington State Child Support Worksheets.

If real property or pensions are involved, additional documentation is also often required.

You have the power to control your own destiny.  Use it.

Many divorcing spouses in Washington State needlessly end up going through a year or more of difficult and traumatic litigation.  Your case does not have to proceed this way.


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Everett:      (425) 953-4337

We are experienced Washington State Uncontested Divorce Lawyers and Attorneys.  We handle all WA State Divorce and Family Law matters that are negotiated throughout Western Washington, including Seattle, Tacoma, Everett and all of Pierce County, Snohomish County and King County.